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maandag 30 augustus 2010

Alziend oog.

While I was busy scanning my sketch, I usually put a magazine on top of the sketch,
 so it will stay flat a bit. With my hand I press it a bit extra. And this time when I was
 done doing this, I noticed afterwords the words of the magazine with my sketch! 
The translation in English is: 'The people who change the world'. 
It's a sketch, kind of selfpotret ( to be honest I'm far much better drawing animals!),
 me looking up to the "Alziend oog van God" (all-seeing eye of God) in the Sint Jan
 church  in Den Bosch --'s Hertogenbosch--, Brabant. I don't know, somehow the words
  of the magazine and the Eye of God it had meant to be all together   as a whole picture.
So I have decided not to change this, by accidentally  layout of the sketch!

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