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maandag 23 augustus 2010


This weekend on Saturday we ( my father,
mother, daughter and me) went to Artis.
I nice Zoo in Amsterdam. Artis is really busy
to creat a lot of space for the animals as
possible, I think that is a good thing!

At the start of Artis we saw a giant animal.
For a long time we could not figure out
how it was, were was the head, were was
the tail and what is that big hump on top?

Until they came closer... we discoverd
that it was a Mom Giant Anteater with
a baby - a big, huge baby- on top of her!
It was all hair and hair and hair and
hair two heads on top of it walking around!
The Madagascar primates were able to
walk around and climb in the trees on a small
island. The Maki's were all ready inside, 
but the Red Vari's were still enjoying
 the trees and my daughter! She was
just standig at a gate and one off the
Red Vari's passed by, licked her finger and 
looked at her for a short moment!
Important note: none off the people are
allowed to come to close to those primates.
This was just a coincidence!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Zo mooi he die diversiteit..Artis is voor mij al lang geleden, goede herinneringen aan!

  2. Oh ja, Artis is een feestje! Leuk bericht.

  3. Hoi Anna en Fienke, Artis blijft mooi, wij waren er op de zomeravond, ze waren tot 22 uur open!


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