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donderdag 9 september 2010

Corner view "School"

My daughter is now in class 6 (group 8), she sits in the highest
 class before going to 'Middelbare School' ( secondary school).
So, in those small bodies lots off things are changing a lot!
Of course they are the oldest now of the whole school, and...
the puberty is starting. Or with other words: they are now
"young people hanging". It is not cool to stand there with
a smile, it is not cool to play peek a boo (see C), or hide
 and seek (also see C) of jumping with a robe (C) .
It is cool to look totaly bored (see boys A and girls B)
 and at the same time boys watch girls and  girls watch boys.
 And of course they date each other. He dates her, than she breaks
 up  and start dating an other boy of the group. And so on and on...
My daughter does not belong to this group, she has her own
small group (see D) and they do still play and smile.
*click on the image to get a bigger view* 
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6 opmerkingen:

  1. hahaha... very funny... but you are right. they have to be cool and to look bored. that`s the truth. but also this phase will take an end.

    like your pic =)

    thank you for the lovely comment ;-)

  2. Group D sounds very positive! I guess they're the ones with the best futures ahead of them.

  3. Middelste (groep 8)speelt gelukkig ook nog 'gewoon' op het plein. Is misschien meer een meiden-ding? Weet het niet. Leuke tekening, leuk verhaal.

  4. Group D is the best! Great view and drawings!

  5. such a poignant time. how nice that your daughter has the confidence to go her own thing! and you nailed the social structure of this age group. sigh.


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