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dinsdag 5 oktober 2010

Corner view "Orange"

The color orange is a typical Dutch thing!!
Fitst I will let you know where the word orange 
is coming from: the word is coming from the Persian
narang (the Spanish naranja), what orange ( the fruit) means.
~In Dutch an orange is a sinaasappel!~
The French town Orange used to be the centrum
of orange-trade, and that is why the town is named
after the fruit! The Principality of Orange was named 
for this place and not for the colour. Some time after the sixteenth
 century, though, the colour orange was adopted as
 a symbol of the House of Orange-Nassau.
So those days every time there is an important
football match or something else, everything in the
Netherlands changes in to the color orange!
To see more things in orange:

16 opmerkingen:

  1. Oranje is met stip mijn lievelingskleur!!

  2. Hier kreeg onze Muck gisteren toch wel wat extra's te eten. Want wat de meiden betreft is dat toch echt datgeen wat dierendag dierendag maakt! ;-)

  3. I like to learn with you! And I like your illustrations as well...

    You can try italian pasta ;)

  4. yippee, the dutch and orange... i'd totally forgotten about it... oranjedag, enzo... maar heel fijn, dat stukje geschiedenis. ik wist er niks van, natuurlijk.... fijn.

  5. Two posts in one day, I'm super impressed! I once received a box full of hand-me-downs from a Dutch friend: every single piece of clothing was either orange or white!

  6. For the next "green" CV :

    Read you soon

  7. What I have always wondered is why havn't the Dutch incorporated the color into their flag. I love orange!

  8. Oh hello! Just wanted to reply and say thanks, but I didn't know how and ended up here. Glad I did! Love your cat illustrations. He must be a very inspiring model :)

  9. Jaaa, as living in direct neighbourhood to the NL, I also thought about oranje when I came across this weeks cv-theme! Thanks for this interesting informations! ;o)

  10. Of course it's Your color ! Great post !

  11. @ Francesca, I don't post two blogs in one day!! The CV I did yesterday! because I have The Wordless Wednesday on....Wednesday!!
    @ all the others, thanks for the nice reactions!
    And to be honest, like this I also learn something! ;-)

  12. I thought of the world cup while I was reading your orange post.
    thanks for the insight into the word orange.

  13. how interessting! orange to me was always a happy colour i couldnt wear :)
    love your drawing too

  14. That's funny! I was just wondering which came first, the fruit or the color.

    Such cute post, too. xoxo


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