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woensdag 17 november 2010

Corner view "Anything Goes"

Well, to be honest, I did not really think of
this week CV. I'm busy with this --> here.
But anything goes....also names! I named my art
SUSI-ART, for a small short time I named
it "De Twee Lelies" (Two Lilies, that is why
the name of my blog is still - de twee lelies-,
but that is my other Dutch business --> here)
but today I went to a nice person and he
says....Susi-Art....what is that for a name?
You make HAPPY ART!!!
The last time I gave him a giraffe postcard:
this one --> here.
He said about this card: I can only see happiness!

So, why don't you name it: HAPPY ART?

So....what do you think / feel???

For more 'anything goes' visit Theresa who is 
hosting CV for Jane. Thanks to Ninja, for this idea. 
 Next week's theme is "taking a different perspective" and it comes from Dana.  

11 opmerkingen:

  1. die vogel is ook erg happy..ik vind hem echt geweldig! Op een kaart ermee!

    Bedankt voor je kaarten;ze zijn erg leuk!! De giraffen blijft mijn favo :)

  2. Susi-art klinkt tóch wat persoonlijker... Happy art zou een heul groot mega-merk kunnen zijn, wat mij betreft. Tis maar wat je wilt uitstralen... Happy is t zeker wel!

  3. Dank je Tikje Wit, ik zit nu zelf te twijfelen, want mijn doel is wel om "groot" te worden!

  4. No doubt, Happy Art!
    When you want to be big, think big, and yes, Happy Art represents something big.

  5. Lovely bird!
    Happy Art sounds more professional, but also a little bit more randomly. But you should choose the name by following your instinct. If you like it, it's yours! Anyway, good luck in your business!

  6. He is right. Your art radiates happiness.

  7. I reckon susi art is a synonym of happy art.'re already half way there :)

  8. I am really into birds lately, mainly little sculptures, it's adorable.

  9. Well, I'm going to do both names!!
    The Happy Art for the Cr=ards: happy art cards!
    And the rest, the more personel art (as birth cards) either under my own name or susi-art!
    Thanks all!!


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