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woensdag 10 november 2010

Corner view "Autumn"

Last weekend my daughter and I went to
the "Posbank", Veluwe. It is so beautifull
there, all the colors, all the kinds of reds, yellows, 
oranges...really breathtaking! Well, to be honest
....there are kind of wild animals at the Posbank;
horses and cows. We did not see both, only the
autumn colors, the autumn sky, the autumn.
more posbank: wordless wednesday
and a little more autumn: illustration friday
Google translater about the history of the Posbank:
The Posbank in Rheden (Dutch province of Gelderland) is 
the name of a natural monument and a nearby teahouse,
 on the edge of a moraine-covered heather on the southern Veluwe.
The place has a height of 90 meters above sea level, 
from which a view is possible over the IJssel,  the Achterhoek Liemers
 and into Germany. The Posbank is named after the monument
 in the shape of a semicircular stone bench that is on a striking view point.
 This bank is named after Mr. G.A. Pos, former president of the ANWB. 
The stone bench was built by contractor Bennink Gerrit (1869-1936) from
 Rheden in honor of the 25th anniversary (May 7 1893 to 1918) by Mr Pos
 as the second president of the ANWB. The Posbank is popularly
 called the name of the heathland area in which it lies.
 The actual name of the moorland is Huizer Field Hering.
Thanks to Skylar and B for this idea.  Next week the theme
 is anything goes, we shall write whatever we feel like, 
because Miss Ninja thought it would be fun.

10 opmerkingen:

  1. Dank je wel for this, looks like a nice place to be! I'll put this on my to-visit-next-time-in-the-netherlands-list. ;o)

  2. I love taking walks surrounded by the trees. Nice! xo

  3. wonderful! I love that kind of walks too!

  4. oh glory... herfstwandelen...
    is er iets beter?

  5. looks like a lovely place for a walk, specially in the fall air surrounded by all those colors :)

  6. Wonderful trees! Seems very special place to go with your daughter.
    Happy autumn!


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