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donderdag 11 november 2010

Illustration Friday "Afterwards"

I saw the afterwards on the street, but I
could image seeing them!! Wild Boars!
I went to a friend and she lives in the
Veluwe (no, not at the Posbank,
see here and here!) but at the other side,
nearby Epe / Harderwijk. And always
there is a lot of mud on the street.
There are signs and my friends worns me
too: watch out WILD BOARS!
In my imagination I could see those
wild boars busy in the mud and doing
all kinds of things with the mud.
Jumping, hiding, sleeping, throwing...
you can see it on the street! But I did
not like the idea of just illustrating
the road filled with mud...I prefererd
the WILD BOARS instead!
theme Illustration Friday, see here

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hihihi die is weer heel leuk geworden!!
    Kreeg net je giveaway binnen!! Erg mooi :-) Dankjewel, morgen staan ze op mijn blog hoor!!

  2. Ha ha, die is grappig, in Ermelo kunnen ze ook zo huishouden, gelukkig aan de andere kant van het dorp dan waar ik woon:)

  3. What a fantastic illustration, so great and funny!

  4. wow I Love the one that is making castles. Lucky you that met them. I really like what you do....

  5. Hee hee! I'd love to see the wild boars playing like this, a little roadside "hog heaven!" :o)

  6. hi all, thank you for the nice reactions!


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