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woensdag 2 februari 2011

Corner view "Evening Sky"

This week theme is evening sky...I saw mostly grey
cold wet sky this week (see Wordless Wednesday).
So I dug in to my memory and my photo's...
...and I found this evening sky in -WARM- Portugal,
scrolling at the beach in the south of Portugal:
grand(father) and grand(daughter):
~my father and my daughter~
Next week's theme is my favorite actor, it comes from Skylar
More evening Sky at All of us.

17 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful and magic light. A special moment!

  2. Extremely beautiful athmosphere, especially with your personal relation to these two! would print this as a poster!

  3. it's a strong picture, full of memory.
    one senses that.

  4. this photo is wonderful ! and even more so now that i know it is your father and your daughter. so special !!

    My CORNER VIEW is up now too !

  5. Prachtig! Vooral met die voetsporen in het zand.

  6. i like the feel of this image- relaxing! xo

  7. De warmte straalt ervan af! Hartverwarmend.

  8. I was seriously waiting for january to finish.
    however, so far, february's been a bit of a biatch in a'dam, indeed.

    portugal. much better this week. yeah.

  9. Perfect evening! Warm travels, walking on the beach with loved ones:))

  10. I went to Portugal last summer and loved it.

  11. O wat een mooie, maar ook hele lieve foto!

  12. Dank jullie wel!
    Het was ook een heel mooi moment om die 2 zo te zien lopen!!

    thank you all!
    It was really a great moment to see those two walking together!


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