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woensdag 30 maart 2011

Corner view "reflection"

~ poem by Hans en Monique Hagen.~
Very Close

I see lights in your eyes

come closer to me

I see me

your eyes are two mirrors

can you see this by me.
Heel Dichtbij

ik zie lichtjes in je ogen
kom een heel dichtbij

ik zie mij

je ogen zijn twee spiegeltjes
zie jij het ook bij mij.

Next week theme: time.
More reflection in the world:


18 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful words! Is that really a mirror posted in the woods? xo

  2. Beautiful reflection, like the reflection of an inner eye.

  3. Sweet poem and photo. Is that a mirror for bears?

  4. Mooie foto en wat een heerlijk gedichtje!

  5. uncanny! a mirror amongst trees. what would their conversation sound like? ;)

  6. @ Don the mirror is there for cars and roads with a bad view over the road. So they can look into the mirror to see or there are other cars coming from the other road!

  7. Wonderful poem. If the eyes are the window to the soul...gets me thinking..whose soul?

  8. Sweet poem and fun and obscure shot!

  9. @ Theresa, I think your own soul, so if I look into your eyes I will see your soul, but funny enough I would also see myself reflected in it!
    Thanks all for the nice comments!!

  10. So beautiful. You and me at the same time.


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