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zaterdag 14 mei 2011

Drawing / Dream

Years ago, I was a teenager, my father gave me a book as present. It it written by a Dutch writer and it is called: "The book of Bod Pa". The story is in Mongolia at the time of Marco Polo. Bod Pa is an elusive character: a shaman without signs of dignity what was in his time common : were chains, mice skulls, tufts of grass, bird claws and feathers. But he is invariably accompanied by a raven and a wolf. He is a blind goblin disfigured devils with something, often a drunken 'potatoes gnome.
The shaman is summoned by the father of Perregrin, a fourteen-year-old shepherd boy whose broken leg just will not heal. Initially Perregrin wants nothing to do with Bid Pa, but the shaman gradually gaining confidence. He is Perregrins guru, though the boy never completely won. Perregrin by persistent bid Pa Pilgrim called strangers in their own country, viewfinder own soul.
Some words between Bod Pa and Perregrin:

"Can something exist only because we have invented?"
"That way everything can exist."
"If you only know."
--because it is Dutch and so far I know not translated in english, I have explained it a bit--
But anyway......ever since I have red this book my dream is:
I want to got to Mongolia!!!!!

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3 opmerkingen:

  1. bod pa is originally a dutch book? i'm sure i did not know that. i have heard about it, and now you have made me a little curious! it sounds mysterious, and wise!
    your drawing, susannah holds all that you said in words, even the longing to go to mongolia. i love your yurt!

    recently i learned of a transport train from the port of antwerp straight into china, via mongolia. it set me thinking. and dreaming. but the train will only carry freight...
    wouldn't it be an adventure and a half to board and live its 22 day journey...? you could stop off underway, i would send you a postcard from china!
    what a dream!

  2. Dear Susanna,
    the sound of the heartbeat of my kids in my belly reminds me on galloping horses in the steppe from Mongolia...
    Wonderful memory, thank you.
    Wonderful water colour painting! I hope your dreams come true...
    x Ariane.

  3. It was a nice present! Your father gave you dreams for all your life ;)

    Thanks for writing my name in your list... I hope the visitors see my blog like a permanent dream ! ;)
    ps : the way you see Amsterdam is the same I see Paris...


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