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woensdag 27 juli 2011

Corner View "early"

This drawing is still in an early state of being, it is still a sketch, later I will give it some color!
This will be a give away for the Round Robin Notebook, a Dutch blog about a notebook and lots of
people. A Round Robin is a pass-through project, in this case a notebook.
Eight participants completed every two weeks a few pages in the notebook of the other
and send it back again. It could be anything: recipes, travel stories, beautiful pictures, lovely cards, drawings, collages, tips, stories or funny sayings. For more see here [ klik] and here [ klik].  

And earlier this week I have asked you readers to do me a favorite, I will repeat it again!
On the website of They Draw & Travel [ klik] there is a price contast I have joined!
I want to ask you to leave a nice comment for me, the more comments I get the better!!
I have entered with two maps:
- The four Sisters (Zutphen) [ klik ]
- Going Dutch [ klik ]

And please forward this link, or put a link somewere, on facebook, twitter or whatever!!
Who knows I will winn!!

Thank you very much!
Love Susanna
And it is never to early to say THANK YOU!
Also thanks to the people who have written a nice comment for me earlier!
More early: Franseca
The theme next week is "trios", and comes from George
PS, at this moment I cannot leave a comment at your blog, soon as I can I will pass by!!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your early drawing! :-) I will try to remember to come back here after the gym. Lately I have such a forgetful memory. :/ xo

  2. I love the expression on this little girl's face and how attentive she is. Is the early part of drawing something the hardest or the easiest?

    I did go to that site and comment for you on both your works. They're awesome! I hope you win!:>)

  3. hope to see the finished drawing ... and that you may win the contest. love your maps :)

  4. Best of luck! I left comments :)
    I love your whimsical art.

  5. sounds so fun! off to leave comments!

  6. I left comments on both maps - they are truly lovely. I am quite a fan of your work.

  7. you know? the funny thing about early sketches? i love these just as much as the final result. it always pops up the question too, when does the artist know where to put a stop to his/her creation... i find it such an exercise!

  8. I totally agree with nadine's comment above!

  9. I LOVE your maps, Susanna! I hope I was able to leave comments, they didn't seem to show, though I hit "submit" twice!


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Thanks for visiting me and leaving a comment!