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woensdag 13 juli 2011

Corner View "Postcards"

IFwintertwo-owlsIFBurningIFmailsinging SwansCat and Tulips -Siepie-
Little girl with giraf

Postcards Susi-Art, a set on Flickr.
I noticed that I have 19 different kind of postcards in my house (even a bit more, but they are sold out!!).
They are made by myself!! I love to illustrate and paint to doodling around!

For my birthday last week I wanted to give a set of 19 away.
Today I have decided to give a set to the people in the Netherlands give a set abroad --> Europe, America, Australia, Azia or whatever abroad!

For more postcards: Fransesca
The theme next week is "seeing through the eyes of a child", and comes fromBeth.

And seeing through the eyes of a child, the give away is until next week; 20th july!

14 opmerkingen:

  1. THE perfect CV theme for you! They are very lovely! I wish you a happy day!

  2. susie, it's nice to see them together like so. a proper little patchwork of 'em. i love the colour infusion...
    happy belated birthday, sweet!

  3. beautiful postcards. Thank you for sharing.
    Happy Belated Birthday.

  4. It's nice to see all these cards together. Beautiful work!

  5. Wonderful and they are all "frame-worthy"!


  6. Wauw! Mooi! En de collectie groeit goed hè?
    Liefs! Twents roosje ook!

  7. Ze passen zo mooi bij elkaar. Echt met recht een geïntegreerde collectie! Ik vind dat je een hele leuke, sterke stijl te pakken hebt.

  8. Wonderful and whimsical--absolute day brighteners--even better that you created them! I love them!

  9. So happy to have you as a part of artsee bloggers! Your work is beautiful ♥

  10. Hoihoi! Je regenroos droop, maar bleef fier overeind. Ongebroken!
    Dankjewel! Ja, klopt het gaat om het geheel hè? Daar was ik dit keer eigenlijk het drukst mee.

    Liefs en zon! En roosjes...


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