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woensdag 14 september 2011

Corner View "iconic"

To be honest I did not know this word....and when I looked it up it seems to be an other word for statue??
Well I hope so, because thinking of that I went with my mind to Camille Claudel....She was a grand woman and really made great iconic's [ hope that I write this okay!! ]

Bit of history:  Camille was born on 8 December 1864 – 19 October 1943 and she was a French sculptor and graphic artist. She was the elder sister of the poet and diplomat Paul Claudel.
Camille Claudel, 1864 - 1943, was a French sculptor and graphic artist.
In 1882 the sculptor Auguste Rodin agreed to supervise a small group of young women students, one of whom was the seventeen-year-old Camille Claudel. Auguste and Camille fell in love almost at first sight. Within a few years, however, it appears that Rodin exhausted her, demanding all her time and energy in his service.
By the time she broke off the relationship, in or around 1893, she had become anxious to escape Rodin's overwhelming influence and devote herself exclusively to her own art.

I think she has made great, filled with feelings sculpture, and well.... if my view this time is not really the word iconic, than I'm still be pleased to share such a great woman!!
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14 opmerkingen:

  1. Precious. Actually, maybe more than her proper creation, her story with Rodin was iconic. Ever seen the splendid French movie about it (Camille Claudel)?

  2. I have recently admired in the Louvre sculptures by Rodin. And I've told my daughter of his lover. Many years ago I read a book about Camille Claudel - now I'll probably read it again.

  3. I have seen replicas of some of these statues. Very nice. xo

  4. Love Claudel. Icons can refer in geenral to anything that is truly evocative or represnetative of its tyope; they can also refer specifically (though usually spelled with a "K") to Russian Eastern Orthodox art depicting saints.

  5. thanks for sharing such beautiful work. I really like your last image and nice take on the theme.

  6. Gary and I had such a great time visiting museums in Paris and seeing her work. Incredible!!!

  7. I love the sculptures of Camille Claudel and Rodin as well. It's so expressive and emotional.

  8. Thank you for sharing such beauty - an amazingly talented woman and her work is so full of emotion.

  9. susanna, i saw the movie on
    camille claudel many years ago. i gently urge you to see it (you may have?).

  10. I agree with the others, and the movie is a must-see for you, Susanna!

  11. very interesting ... thank's for sharing :)

  12. Beautiful, Susie. It's always good to have our world stretched in its horizons. I had never heard of her, but I'm drawn to the sculptures you featured.
    One of the best parts of the corner view is that we end up thinking outside the box--whether by something we submit or by checking out someone else's submission. And no one is wrong. We're individuals and corner view celebrates that individuality.
    I would have felt like I was betraying my upbringing to not submit that chalice. It's an icon in my life and in my beliefs. I'm not trying to force my beliefs on anyone else; I'm just sharing my life.
    You open my eyes to an artist's world---one that I turned my back on many years ago in order to preserve the artist in me (My controlling first husband wanted to dictate what I drew, painted, etc. I instinctively knew that if I let him do that, my essense would die. It's slowing awakening after all these years and the folks at corner view has helped that).
    Anyhow, I like your idea of iconic. :>)

  13. I remember seeing her work in the Singer Museum in Laren years ago. I loved it so much I went out of my way to read books about her and get my hands on that movie.

    She IS iconic - to me she stands for the struggle of women artists living in the shadow of their male companions. Sensitive women who do not always make it in the end.

    Thanks for sharing, Susanna!


  14. ha ha. icoon in het nl, gekkie.
    well saved, though.


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