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woensdag 23 november 2011

Corner View "Different Corner"

I think my cat is a very good item for a different corner, because he always has
a different corner to just be, he sees things from a different corner than me.
Here he, Siepie [ his name] is sleeping above the heating on a windowsill under
the dining table near the window [ so he can have a look to his friends].
To see more of Siepie's different corners take a look here : Siepie reminds me...he is kind of famous in the Netherlands!! See here: more Siepie
Well is this a different corner view or not?
Have a nice day and a lot of fun at more different corners at: Francesca
The theme next week is "joy", and comes from Karyn

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Zou leuk zijn de wereld door de ogen van een kat te kunnen zien :)

  2. He's awfully cute and deserves to be famous!

  3. What kind of life! Sleeping most of the day in warm and cozy places, the rest spent with eating and daily little adventures...heaven on earth! :)

  4. I seemed to have missed this, Susanna! Above the radiator would be my favorite spot to rest too!:)


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