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dinsdag 24 januari 2012

Illustration Friday "Twirl"

Astrid and Sofia thought they are doing very well with them twirl in Ballet,
after days and days of practicing! They were feeling very proud on them self!
Astrid and Sofia took ballet lessons at the Ballet School of Ballet.
Most of the dancers are tiny elegant looking mouses.
Of course the tiny elegant mouses thought it was absolutely ridiculous that those
two big girls could join  them classes too.  But if they were honest,
and luckily they were, they thought that the twirl of Astrid and Sofia
were very nice and well done! 

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Love it! Astrid and Sofia are Great! They're beautiful ladies with style and grace!

  2. Astrid and Sofia would make lovely postcards!

  3. beautiful! so much fun and happy twirling :-)

  4. awesome...i love the mice...they're so graceful and have such serene expressions :)


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