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vrijdag 27 januari 2012

Corner View "Januari"

Storks, crocus, no ice skating, warm weather....
This is January for me this year! It has not been a real
winter yet, no crispy cold weather with a nice winter sun,
no snow to sled in, no frozen water for ice skating....
I did see the storks very early and together! I did see small
flowers coming up and they are usely here when the spring is
coming a bit that is January, and I'm a bit late
for this week theme....I think the storks has taken me back,
and I wanted to paint them, that took a while!

Happy weekend and for more January in the world: Francesca.
The theme next week is "light".

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Prachtige vogels, in het echt en ook bij jou!

  2. Here real winter came last week only and hopefully we will do ice skating next week end on a frozen lake, happy week end !!

  3. your storks are beautiful, susanna. i always hold my breath, whenever i see one. apart from the fact they are thieves, of course, i find them overly elegant.
    and i do miss the snow too....

  4. Don't worry, I am always late too!
    But you post was worht waiting for! Love your pretty storks, you've captured their feathery wing tips beautifully!

  5. gek, hé.

    it's coming, though. -9 next week.... aaaaargh, from nought to all. let's brace ourselves.

  6. I would love to see storks! it's winter in full force here :(

  7. What a strange January you are having! We are having weird weather here too. A lot of rain - flooding in many parts of the country. And our winter was unusually mild too - apart from two snow storms! And we never usually even get one snow storm here!


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