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woensdag 21 maart 2012

Corner View "Hindsight"

If I had to live my life again I'd make all the same mistakes--only sooner? Or not? an Indian saying:  Hindsight wisdom is of no use.
If I look back and change things....were would my daughter be?
The first photo is of me in 1977, with my father, a little bit brother and my
Aunty: tante An. The second photo is somewere in 2000 / or later in Portugal.
My daughter and me sitting together. So I prefer to make my mistakes again, or not?
I think the only thing I would do different is that I would learn to be a physiotherapist,
so I could do my own kind of massages now, instead of going a round always to get
my licenty to be an 'alternative therapist' lot of words to day!
Do you want to now about more hindsight? Check  Francesca!
For next week's theme we are going to do things a little differently.
 Elsa proposed two themes, and Francesca is  going to leave each of you
 to choose the one that inspires you more. Here are the choices:
-    self-portrait
-    where I live 

Happy Wednesday!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. A great post, and yes, I'd do everything again, because at that point it seemed to be the good thing. And sometimes the mistakes have become the good things!
    There is still time to get your physiotherapy degree or licence, if you really want it: verything is possible!!!

  2. Well to get this physio degree, I think it is a bit too late, and it cost a lot!! I'm nearly done with the medical basic knowledge and next year I be done with the Cranio Sacraal Therapist education, it is a long road, but the road for become a physio is longer....the hindsight for me is only if I know than what I know now; I would have done the physio. I don't regret it....!

  3. I think there is so real truth to that Indian saying.

  4. A very wise Indian with very wise words. I think our roads where meant for us to take. Wouldn't this be something we have the choice of A or B roads but they both lead to the same spot we were meant only one had a detour? Xo

  5. I love the pictures! The Indian is pretty wise.

  6. Great photos! And I like the quote - very true! Without our mistakes, we would not be us. And goodness knows - I've more than my share of of mistakes over the years!

  7. I love your expression on the first picture! and you're perfectly right! I wish you a nice Wednesday!

  8. love the proverb. indeed, all those "if only had I known..." have no much point :)
    jij kan toch alles aan? ;)

  9. Prachtig die oude foto's! Non ne de rien je ne regrette rien zingt mijn hoofd wanneer ik dit lees :)

  10. susanna, i like that indian very much! ;)))
    ... waar het hart van vol is, sweetie... but you'll get there, in the roundabout way..
    such an interesting way to travel, enriched by our life experiences...

    1. Who knows... for the mistakes ;)

    2. mistakes, are they mistakes?
      or are they that at that moment i did not now any better, and by making 'mistakes' i learn from it?

  11. Cute pics on both accounts.

    I'm not so sure I'd do things differently - I just didn't know any better. And that has led me to the mess it sometimes is today, but also given me a good idea where I want to be in the future. Just don't know how to get there (yet).


  12. I share your view of "hindsight", Susanna. If I had to go back, I would also change the University degree I took, and become a doctor instead - which for similar reasons (too long a course of study) I didn't start when I realized what profession was for me. I love your photos - the path that took you to have your daughter was clearly a good one.

  13. Wat een leuke foto's Susanna! Ja, wat kan een mens mooie fouten maken hè? Ach, en ze zijn toch niet te vermijden, het leven hangt van fouten en momenten van inzicht aan elkaar... En dat vormt het, en ons :)
    Wauw, dus het begint op te schieten met de studie!!! Ga zo door, je gaat het redden!

    Liefs, Clemens.


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