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dinsdag 17 april 2012

Corner View "family Dinner" and Liebster Award

The 'typical' family dinner; for this theme I have chosen a painting
from Van Gogh. Why? Well, mostly because I don't put photo's from
my family on my blog. That's just me....!
And I'm not a big cook, uselly with family dinners my brother and sister in law
do most of the mom is no cook either!! ;-))
Over 'The Potato Eaters':
Van Gogh said he wanted to depict peasants as they really were. 

He deliberately chose coarse and ugly models, thinking that they would be natural and unspoiled in his finished work: "You see, I really have wanted to make it so that people get the idea that these folk, who are eating their potatoes by the light of their little lamp.

Are you curious to more family dinners?
Please go to hour host of Corner View:  FrancescaThe theme next week is "room with a view", and comes from Victoria.

Quite a while ago I got the Liebster Award from Oak Tree Court Design!
....and shame...shame...I forgot about it....
I know Heather mostly from the weekly Corner View!
On the photo are 5 things about me!

I will pass this award to 5 other blog people!
ja nein veilleicht; I always enjoy how she writes her blog!
Le blög d'Ötli; she has an inspiring blog with great photo's!
Moi-Kapelka; all her things in her shop are made by her!
A Perfect Beginning; from Joy, she gives me joy too!
Fransesca; because she does a great job with CV!
Of course there are many other very nice and lovely blogs....
just take a look around...

ps...I have one ps....
I have often big problems getting those words to
prove that I'm not a robot, sometimes I have to do it
3 times, and to be honest because of the problems
I get....I leave the blog and write nothing....
Some bloggers have and the robot thing and I need
permission; isn't the permission enough?
I don't have spam yet, and no strange messages...

13 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, Susanna, thank you so much for awarding me!!
    Usually, I'm not that happy about awards, but as it comes from YOU, I'll pass it on with pleasure this time! :o)
    Can agree to nearly all points of your 5 things, apart from the fact that I've only one brother, who is nearly on the day exactly 10 years younger than me. ;o)
    And, by the way, I'm not keen on cooking either, so there might be no CV from me today! ;o))
    Best wishes, Susanna, you'll get to see my 5 things about me soon!
    Happy CV-day!

  2. I really didn't want to put the security features on my blog comments but too much spam forces one's hand. Blog long enough and they will find you - such is life...

  3. Good idea to choose the Van Gogh painting!
    I remember studying this painting when I was a student.

  4. A great choice of art for this week's theme! thank you for the adding me to the 5 things.

    I will try and post it on Friday.

    As for the robot codes. I too at times have to enter several times, especially if i'm reading off my phone, the words are harder to make out. I tried for a few hours to remove the robot code from my blog and would you believe I got spam 3 times! It was linked to 3 posts, but when I the post comment I couldn't see it, so back went the robot thing. If someone can help with any advice I am open to it. :)
    Big hugs...xo

  5. thanks so far for the replies about the robot thing, i understand that some of you get spam, i guess i'm lucky so far!!
    i posted it because maybe some one knows what to do about it!

  6. Leuke invalshoek & wat een fijne zonnige banner :)!

  7. Great choice with the painting! I am not a good cook either. I consider it an act of goodness to support local restaurants :-)

    Great 5 things!

  8. A nice take on this week's theme - and a little art history lesson for us too.

  9. Wonderful interpretation for this corner view. Art is always a good choice.

  10. I love the commonality of the subjects in his painting. Much more interesting then if they were rich people.

  11. what an original way of stating your five things, holding 'em up to the air! and the aardappeleters... well, i remember being intrigued by the natureality of this painting. it is a surprise to see it pop up here, because usually the colours here are bright and sunny and one thing we can say about this tableau is that is is sombre.

  12. Thank you for the award Susanna!
    I didn't know that painting at all, and I'm super amused by the equation paesants=coarse and ugly (and they certainly are)! No more potatoes for us for dinner, you never know what might happen otherwise! :)

  13. somehow that family dinners doesn't look very cosy :D
    I'm not a robot either ... i have the same problem as you with the letters i think.


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