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donderdag 19 april 2012

Illustration Friday "Puzzled"

Remember Benno and little Lola? See here ~ klik ~

And I have asked you what......if he sees an other dog? 

Will he run a way and not return?
Here they are! They went into town and little Lola noticed
a little tiny doggy. Benno could only looked puzzled to such
a small dog. What is he thinking? Do you know that?

If you know a nice answer I will send the nicest answer Benno
and little Lola as a card to your home, it does't matter were you live!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. He's thinking "I want to teach him how to grow into a big dog like me!" :)

  2. He may be thinking, is that a mouse? Maybe a rabbit? Something tiny and squeaky. A very cute scene, especially the dogs!

  3. Or he might be thinking "If that's a dog, maybe I'm a giraffe?"

    Lovely illustration. This puzzled dog reminds me of a horse I use to ride. He'd freak out every time I rode past a shetland pony or a donkey.

  4. "oh! so there IS life on Mars…!" he surely thinks "but how has it arrived here?"
    have a nice weekend!


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