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dinsdag 15 mei 2012

Corner View "on the ground/at my feet"

my feet on the ground

my daughters feet on the ground

 my cat's feet on the ground
well he is an couch potato!!
so his are on the couch!

and the gerbils feet are hidden under them bodies!

more on the ground/at my feet....please go to  Francesca!
happy hemelvaart ~holy thursday~!

Next week:~ look~ in the sky.

14 opmerkingen:

  1. All these little feet are so cute!! xo

  2. haha, this is a very funny take on the theme! I'm a couch potato too at heart, but my feet are always on the ground and on the go! :)

  3. Reacties
    1. Every thing on the ground is sweet in your world :)

  4. I especially loved the cat's paw, how cute is that?

  5. Toasty warm feet in thick socks.

  6. Now we know all the family...foot! Fun :)

  7. Also fell in love with kitty's feet! :o)

  8. happy holidays to you too, susanna! it's the day off from the office that counts, i'll say... cheers for taking the walk. you could go and see for yourself one day this summer? nieuwpoort might not be too far out of your way, do you think?

  9. What a cute post! Reminds me of Dr. Suess book Left foot, Right foot.


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