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woensdag 24 oktober 2012

Corner View "spontaneity"

Sometimes with a walk you will see
some amazing spontaneity signs,
look at the hair of this woman...

...or you can see some beautiful fog in 
the Vulcan hills of Germany, while walking
up to the top to see... amazing view of a "Maar" and a clear blue sky...

....spontaneous you will see a café with sherlock Holmes....

....and who is she? ....

Please go to: 
Francesca for some more spontaneity in this spontaneous world!The theme for Corner View next week is "am I an artist?", and comes from Elsa.

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Well.....Either she is Amelia Earhart or else she is a retired college professor, doing research for her memoir.

  2. The first picture makes me laugh! The hair are so fun :)

  3. I love that sign in the first picture!

  4. this is a wonderful interpretation of the theme ! i love it !!

  5. How fast was that lady walking for her hair to do that?? Very funny.


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