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woensdag 21 november 2012

Corner View "Energy"

With this weeks theme I had to think of the "Witte Wieven".
The energy of the Sun going under, the warmth of the earth and that 
all together gives a beautiful energy from the earth, air, sky, water...
~ Again all the elements ;-) Ötli!!~
The photo's are taken around "Hackfort", a castle in the "Achterhoek".
The drawing are my own image for the "Witte Wieven"
At the same time it is a drawing for PiBoIdMo, day 21

In Dutch mythology and legends, the Witte Wieven (also known as Wittewijven) are spirits of "wise women" (or else elven beings). The mythology dates back at least to the pre-Christian era (7th century) and was known in the present-day regions of the Netherlands and Belgium and parts of France. In some places they were known as Juffers or Joffers ("ladies"), or as Dames Blanches ("white ladies") in French. ( Wikipedia =English and: Dutch

ENERGY, what is around the corner for an energy view?
Please go to Francesca and take a look there!The theme for Corner View next week is "thankfulness", and comes from Kari.

Happy Wednesday

13 opmerkingen:

  1. I like to think of your Witte Wieven as wise women - there're so few wise women in legends and fables!

  2. Thanks Francesca, the Banner is for a Dutch tradition "Sinterklaas"!
    I also like to think of the Witte Wieven as wise old woman!

  3. Dear Susanna, you've had the energy! Lucky energy! You won the giveaway drawing! YES, it's true! :o)
    Send me an Email with your adress, so your breakfast plate will soon be on its way!
    Best wishes!!

  4. I have never heard the legends of the Witte Wieven - the wise women - though I have heard of Dames Blanches. I like the idea of the Wise Women best. What a fabulous Corner View :-)

  5. I was thinking the same as Francesca. I vote for wise women!

  6. lovely interpretation! and lovely banner, too! warm greetings from Paris!

  7. Simple beautiful! I love a misty morning. I never heard of Witte Wieven before.

  8. i had never heard of witte wieven before just now. fascinating! and that sun, oh, that sun is lovely and warming!

  9. love your energy interpretation and your new banners is just soooo nice :)

  10. Wise women and the sun, so perfect as choice energy sources!!
    Beautiful photos and drawing and legend too;))

  11. you have taught me a new knowledge today!
    wittie wieven... now, that's energetic talk!
    and you've caught them!


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