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woensdag 12 juni 2013

Corner View "Europe"

Thinking of Europe I went back to my old time at the Art Academie in Amsterdam.
One of my teacher; Sam Drukker; paints great artwork. This is  "Europe" in his vision!
Personaly; I love the style... he always said: "art of omission".
I still think of those words when I do my illustration and I notice that
I want to do to much on one painting... than I think: art of omission!

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 Fransesca, she is hosting:
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10 opmerkingen:

  1. art of omission... good one to remember!!! I'll remember that next time I'm cooking soup and can't control myself with the spices :) :)
    lovely paintings...

  2. Beautiful paintings! I love the idea of art of omission. I bet that would benefit me in different aspects of my life. Thanks!

  3. great paintings and an excellent point!

  4. Beautiful painting!
    You asked about the barns I take pictures of. Yes - there are lots of them around here. I think I've barely begun!

  5. Very dreamy! Europe does have a ton of beautiful art!

  6. Lovely view!
    Love the strenght of the colours.

  7. oh goodness, yes. omission is everything, it diminishes boundaries and leaves wonder to the viewer as to the artist, which is so powerful.


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