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woensdag 9 oktober 2013

Corner View "Before and After"

Before Noon

After Noon
A little bit on the roadside again, only this time before noon. In the morning it was foggy and with the fog you cannot see what is behind those electric masts!
But in the after-noon, you could see a landscape of trees!
Funny how a little bit of fog can give the landscape a mysterious look!

There is more before and after for you to discover, just go to:
 Fransesca, she is hosting:
Corner View is a weekly appointment - each Wednesday - 
created by Jane, where bloggers from all corners 
of the world share their view on a pre-arranged theme.

The theme next week is "last but not least", and comes from Babies.
Happy corner viewing!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. It's amazing how a bit of fog can completely change the look of a place. I does make for interesting photo opportunities!

  2. Great idea for before and after! I always like foggy shots.

  3. Love the pic of the fog. Fog has always been something special. Something mysterious.

  4. These are so good ...
    this morning I took photos of some windmills covered in clouds. about an hour later the clouds were gone, but I did not take any photos.

  5. Good shots! I love the atmosphere of the picture where there is fog.

  6. Wow! You would never guess it was the same place except for the power mast! Beautiful! :>)

  7. Love fog effect in landscape...mysterius and so difficult to take in photo..great!

  8. oh, yes. this before and after is what we get here every day now, unless it is cloudy and rainy even after noon...


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