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zaterdag 30 november 2013

SkaDaMo 29

Leave a carton box behind and a cat will find it....
Luckily for Siepie my niece has made him a little home.
Of course he will play in it and what is that? 
Something black coming out of the box?
Hahaha...Siepie that is your own tail!!

I know this is the last day, but I'm one day behind,
one more SkaDaMo to go......

WHat is SkaDaMo? Linda Silverstri her own words:

'For the past two years, I thought, just to heap even more onto my plate, I’d make November a “sketch a day month” or SkADaMo (SkADaMo 2012SkADaMo 2011) , for myself. Just trying to get back to the early days of my blog when I feverishly posted just about every single day. When my synapses seemed to be firing on all cylinders and ideas where presenting themselves to me faster than I could sketch or write them down."

Thanks Linda for this great inspiration!!!

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