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zaterdag 9 november 2013

SkaDaMo 9

Some more "Thijs"!
From top to bottom:
A; "Please please please throw the ball!"
this is typical Thijs, always having all
his attention on the ball and for you
to notice this and ofcourse....throw the ball!

B; One day Thijs had a beautiful red ball
with a little bell in it. I think that Thijs did not
like the bell, because within seconds the 
ball was completely chewed and broken
and the bell? Well it was certainly out!!

C; In real life Thijs doesn't were scarfs like this.
But, because I can do kind of what I want with
my sketches I gave him a red scarf ( just imagine
this scarf being red!) and he is looking to you
with his big Jack Russel eyes: "Ain't I cute?"

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