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woensdag 15 januari 2014

Corner View "a Good Read"

Ranger's Apprentice, I have really enjoyed reading those children books!
I have red them all, and I got lost in the story about Will,  an orphan in Castle Redmont.
At age 15, the orphans are expected to either become an apprentice of one of the
 masters at Redmont Fief or go off to work in the fields.

I have always liked reading children's book, at the age of 11 or now at ... ;-)

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8 opmerkingen:

  1. Sounds like some books I would like too!

  2. Heerlijk af en toe :) maar niet te veel boeken die ik vroeger ook las, soms verliezen ze dan hun magie..

  3. I love this sort of books as well, and series too! Luckly I have nieces of the right age to give the book to enjoy and discuss with about them once we have finished reading ;-)!

  4. Sound like the type of books that one could really lose oneself in!

  5. I also love reading children's books, but mostly I prefer those for even younger kids because of their beautifully illustrations... ;o)

  6. I also read children those with beautiful drawings...and now there are so much ;)

  7. is dit kruistocht in spijkerbroek, by any chance?
    neen, misschien toch, niet?


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