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woensdag 26 maart 2014

Corner View "Close by"

"To look into the eyes of a wolf is to see your soul.
Just be sure something you want to view is there."

Yesterday I have posted for Illustration Friday with the theme RED.
Today for Corner View the theme is "Close by".
If you click on the illustration and you can read a bit Dutch,
than you can see to who she is texting to!

For more close by, please go to:
 Fransesca, she is hosting:
Corner View is a weekly appointment - each Wednesday - 
created by Jane, where bloggers from all corners.
The theme next week is "inspiration", and comes from Ö.

Happy Wednesday!

11 opmerkingen:

  1. so pretty! i like the translucent wolf/soul, and the cell phone (she isn't texting the hunter, is she?)

  2. So right! I like wolves much, they are mysterious. My dog looks like a wolf. I like him too.:D

  3. A modern Red Riding Hood!
    LOVE your new header.

  4. Such a ghostly wolf! I love your updated take on Little Red Riding Hood!

  5. Lovely! Not only the modern day Red Riding Hood and wolf, but the birch as well.

  6. a wolf and a smartphone close by ... hmm wonder what she is texting about :)

  7. Who is OMA ??? This is what I read on the phone...
    Very nice illustration of "Petit chaperon rouge" (in french). Transparent (or ghost?) wolf is fun :)

  8. Nice and lovely idea. I can see her phone now ;)

  9. I've always found the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale fascinating. So many versions of it - and so many ways you can understand it too. A gorgeous update to the tale. I too love wolves - I would like a spirit wolf too! Speaking of which - have you ever read the amazing book 'Women Who Run with the Wolves' by Clarissa Pinkola Estes? Google it if you haven't - its a fascinating look into the way in which ancient tales (including fairy tales) can help women to reconnect with their strong and wild selves. Fabulous :-)


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