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woensdag 9 april 2014

Corner View "rejuvenation"

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves;
 otherwise, we harden.”
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

You think eating veggies will make Siepie looks younger?
Photo is taken from inside, were I have tiny new little
veggies grown from a seed, soon ready to go into the garden!
For me this is a change, a renew and I grow my own food!

For more rejuvenation, please go to:
 Fransesca, she is hosting:
Corner View is a weekly appointment - each Wednesday - 
created by Jane, where bloggers from all corners.

The theme next week is "something to celebrate", and comes from Ibabe.

Happy Wednesday!

10 opmerkingen:

  1. wonderful! i do hope Siepie won't take a liking to your veggies, and leave them all to you to eat!
    happy gardening! :)

  2. Yes, we must ;)

    and yes for the forest anemone

  3. Food grown by ourselves always tastes better, doesn't it? ;>)
    Adorable cat. Love your header!

  4. I put in basil each summer and often plant tomatoes and zucchini. I know it's not much, but I love being able to pick my own veggies for dinner - fresh from the garden!

  5. Looks like Siepie is meditating :-)

    1. he is giving my plants positive energy! ;-)

  6. looks like your plants want to come outside very soon :)

  7. Lovely photo view. Looking from downstairs....looks he is not thinking about something good


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