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woensdag 19 november 2014

Corner View "one song"

Neon Heights - Sweet bird

Somehow this one song has touched me some years ago.
Until now, I haven't found the lyrics and aldo my English is
oke, somehow I cannot understand them all through...

I just love the melody and ( some of ) the words;
my darling i'm so tired
i was wired up up the moon
the night might have my room
i lived by electric rate
to you brought me ..... again
and do you realize to me
you're my sweet bird
and never touched his ground
and how i feel i could fly to ...venus?...
up so high
whenever you'ra round... I said...somehow I find it difficult to really get the words!
But I do enjoy it and I hope you will do too!
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8 opmerkingen:

  1. sometimes, even with english as my first language, i find it difficult to the get the words of songs too! :)

  2. Somewhat reminds me of one my favorites, Sade, with a bit of a hypnotic quality added. Nice!

  3. eerie! the image suits the music perfectly, i didn't know it! n♥

  4. a sweet bird that never touches ground...
    very pretty lyrics!
    And the image with the bridge to a neon land is very transporting toghehter with the sounds.
    Isn`t music and being able to share it magical!

    Happy listening!♡

  5. It will be my song of the day :) Thanks.

  6. most of the english songs i love i don't even bother to really understand the words - a habit from when i couldn't speak english at all :)

  7. Like Heather this song reminds me Sade!
    For my part, my english is not good enough to understand the lyrics most of the time...unfortunately.


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