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woensdag 8 juli 2015

Corner View - Routine -

Of course it's easy to be in a routine and do things 
without thinking....but I prefer to be a bit different!
I love to look around while doing daily routine things.
The things can be cycling to my work, walking around
in the same forrest but seeing new things every time!
This time, I was at a farmhouse, the farmer called me.
He showed me those young barn swallows!!
I'm happy!

Symbole of the swallow:
For sailors, swallow tattoos have specific meanings. Typically, a sailor who has traveled for more than 5,000 nautical miles will get a swallow tattoo to demonstrate that he is well-experienced. Swallow tattoos are also considered lucky for seafarers, as they believe that if they drown, the swallow will carry their soul away safely. The birds were also associated with working-class pride in England, and many fighters tattooed swallows on their knuckles or fists to symbolize their strength and swiftness.
In ancient Greece, the swallow was associated with Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, and was believed to bring good luck and happiness. The ancient Romans believed that the swallow was a totem bird for mothers in sorrow, and that it embodied the souls of children who had been lost in childbirth. Modern Christians see the swallow as a symbol of sacrifice and rebirth,
as well as a symbol for new beginnings.
No matter what cultural belief you choose, swallows are seen as a symbol of hope. The birds are protected in many cultures, and are rarely hunted or harmed.
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10 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful swallows - I never knew that they were symbolic of so many things!

  2. thanks for all the swallow symbolism, very interesting

  3. i like your point of view. i calso can't do something automaticaly. that's why i'm quite slow but i like it this way.
    beautiful swallows!

  4. My grandmother loves swallows. Every year they built nests around her house.

  5. Sweet! I feel happy too from looking at your swallows there!!

  6. i didn't know all that about swallows!

  7. isn't it interesting how one thing means many different things in different cultures. Thank you for sharing this with us.
    It's always good to change up our routines a little by adding to them!

  8. A cute idea... It's nice when it is "a bit different" ;)


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